September 30, 2008

Viking tunic: part III


Well, it's done, and I have one picture to show:

Well, that's it. More pictures of it (on me) on 10/12.

September 27, 2008

Viking tunic: part II


Whaddaya know; I've finally done some work on this blasted thing.

Basically, I've been doing the same thing since last time, that is, hemming down the seams on the inside to prevent fraying. Here's a picture showing the inside of the tunic, with the gore and sleeve on display:

After finishing all the seam sewing, I finally got around to cutting the neck hole, also known as the first time I could try the thing on.

Then I hemmed that too:

Then I hemmed the cuffs of the sleeves:

All that's left now is to hem the lower edge of the tunic.

So, until I do that, and then take pictures of the final garment,

September 14, 2008


Hello people,

It hit me the other day that there is one thing a Viking warrior oughtn't be without which I had somehow neglected to have. A whetstone, obviously, comes in quite handy to hone the axes, knives and saexes the Viking may have. Since I have a total of three bladed implements on my costume this year, I kind of need a sharpening device.

So I went to the river, which was handily low, and wandered around in the dusky light looking for something suitable. Eventually I found a triangular rock of what seems to be a shale or something. I got home, and drilled a hole in one corner, surely dulling my bit at the same time. I threaded it and playtested it. It hones my knife so sharp that it is quite effortless to cut loose paper.

And you didn't think I wouldn't take pictures, did you? (Mind, I generally only post when I have three or more, unless the object's finished. So you know.)

Just something to whet your appetite...

September 13, 2008

Splinted greaves: part III


50th post, and 4155 visits. I'm happy.

Anyway, more work on those splinted greaves of mine. I added the buckles and fitted the holes. That is, I fitted them on one greave, which is why I'm not posting any pictures of the pair on some random legs I happen to own.

Anyway, here are the pics:

This one shows the holes in the straps; exciting, I know:

Until post 51:

September 11, 2008

Viking hood

Good day to you all.

Last Sunday I spent approximately eight hours creating a Viking costume for my dad. Naturally, despite having the camera with me, I neglected to take any pictures until everything was finished. Also, I only took pictures of the hood. Mind, the tunic and trousers are exactly the same pattern as my own (also on this site), so they aren't important.

Anyway, this hood is similar to a liripipe, sans the pipe, of course. It is brown wool lined with green linen (which you may recognize from the trousers and tunic I'm making myself). It is technically reversible, but it's best to have the green on the inside, as the wool is kind of scratchy.

And pics:

I'll get pictures of everything once the renaissance fair rolls around (Oct. 12). Until then,