August 30, 2008

Dutch shoes: part I

Hello everybody!

I'm back! It's been over two weeks since I've last posted, which I can blame mostly on two things:
a) I'm lazy, and I haven't been working on more than one project at a time.
b) School started, and I've been studying for the first time ever.

Now that I'm back in 'the groove', I've started working on my latest project, which is a pair of shoes, based off of this example. It's a commission, and the person purchasing has a Dutch persona, thus the Dutch shoes.

I started with the basic pattern used on my last pair of shoes (here), only sized up to a size 15 (!).

Here are the four pieces cut out:

Here is the first shoe after a good bit of sewing:

And here is a very bright picture trying to demonstrate the detail of the stitching:

I intend to take some pictures of the finished product with a size comparison, so you can get an idea just how big these things are (no offense, Thomas Z.).

I would also like to mention just how loyal my visitors are; over the past couple weeks, I've averaged at least 20 visitors a day. Last time I stopped posting, it only averaged about nine. Thanks, guys.

August 7, 2008

Viking tunic: part I

Good day.

I'm back. And here, with my newly found time, is the first installment of the tunic series. I bought the fabric from, where their fabric is exceptionally well priced. I chose an olive green.

It arrived in good time, and I then packed it right up to move. No sense in starting only to find no time to do anything later.

Yesterday, I finally got around to measuring and cutting the fabric, a task made more difficult by a lack of chalk and scissors (packed).

Cut out, in seven pieces:

Last night, I sewed the gore pieces together. I could have cut out solid triangles, but cutting rectangles in half conserves fabric, which is a very Viking solution, despite the fact that I have a considerable amount extra.

I then sewed the sleeves to the body:

And then the gores:

Then I sewed up the sleeves:

And I started sewing up the sides, attaching the other side of the gores in the process.

Till next time,

August 4, 2008

Viking belt

Good day!

I'm back in business, at least until school starts Aug. 25. This project was a bit of a short deal. I didn't make the buckle set. I bought it from Raymond's Quiet Press. Excellent work for great prices.

Anyway, I dyed the belt myself, and attached the buckles. Not too impressive, to be sure.

Till next project,