June 29, 2009

Dagger sheath: part III


Here, finally, are the pictures of the dagger itself.

And yes, those are hollow rivets:

Peter Koby

June 22, 2009

Dagger sheath: part II


Here are the final images of the sheath. I dyed it with a medium brown dye, utilizing the new technique of wetting the leather before application, which made for a smoother finish (the technique is new to me, anyway).

I intend to post a few more photos once I finish rebuilding the dagger.

June 19, 2009

Dagger sheath: part I


I am back after a long dry spell making hardly anything. Now that my summer vacation is over, and my summer classes have started up, I've started making things again (that's how it always is).

You may recall seeing the previous dagger sheath I made (here). While I wish to create more costume pieces for this year's renaissance fair, I have at the moment no materials to do so, so for the time being, I have been searching for things to modify.

My dagger was originally very obviously intended for live steel combat, but I modified it to make it sharp and pointy. I also made the sheath for it, but I based it off of sword scabbards, and as such it was not very accurate.

This new one is solely leather, without a wooden core. This is (according to MyArmoury.com articles) accurate. I also used the book "Knives and Scabbards" to inspire me in terms of decoration.

This is the front, showing the simple knotwork I tooled into it (disregard the mistake, if you can even find it...).

And this is the back, showing the edge-grain stitch I used, as well as the holes for the string to suspend it from my belt.

As to suspension, if anyone knows a good way to hang a sheath with this setup, please let me know.

Best regards,