July 24, 2008

Horn Spoon


To be totally honest, I did not make this, per se. The spoon was ready-made, and I simply took a drill, a saw, and a number of files to it.

Thanks for looking.

July 16, 2008


Well come,

This is an interesting project, as I've had the pair for over a year and never had a reason to wear them. The renaissance fairs I've visited since I finished them have been either too dry, or I was wearing a different costume at the time.

I'm still quite proud of them, as I think they look quite accurate, down to the 'rustic' nails.

Till next time,

July 15, 2008

Viking hat


This hat was a spur-of-the-moment project. I had some scrap from a tunic I made, and I could barely fit eight panels onto the pieces I had. I then decided to use the mink fur I had to edge the hat.

It's extremely warm. I think it's too warm for Ohio winters, even.

Till tomorrow,

July 14, 2008

Arm ring


This project has been an ongoing thing since last fall. I bought some 8 gauge brass wire, twisted it into a simple 'rope', and called it finished. About a month ago, I experimented with steel wire, and figured out that I could make it look more detailed without any trouble. Then, I bought some cap nuts, ground off the hexagonal bit, and soldered the finished pieces onto the ends of the ring.

This is the result, for a total cost of about $5 and one hour.

Till next time,

July 13, 2008

Dagger sheath

Good day,

Today's project is a sheath for a dagger I bought. I did not make the dagger, but I did modify it. It came as a live steel dagger, with thick edges and a large, blunt tip. I ground them down to a realistic shape.

The sheath is made with a wooden core, wrapped with thin leather which is glued then sewn.

Until tomorrow,

July 12, 2008

Coat of plates


I've decided to post a number of pictures of items I have already made, many of which are at least a year old, if not older. I'll be posting one per day, as it will a. appear correctly on the RSS feed, and b. make you come back, giving me more hits.

Anyway, today's item of interest is a coat of plates. This was made at least back in May '06 (which is when the pictures were taken). It no longer fits me as well as it could.

It is based off of the Wisby find #1, with a few modifications.

Until tomorrow,

July 10, 2008

Viking trousers: part II

Good day,

I finished the trousers, or at least, finished them enough I can post them.

Here you can see the crotch seam pinned:

Here is the bottom hem of one of the legs:

This piece of fabric will be folded along the top edge of the waist, in order to create a drawstring tunnel:

And here's the finished pair. Curse the sun and its shadows, but it'll have to do:

I haven't found/made a drawstring yet, but I think you can envision how it will look.

Till next time,

July 6, 2008

Viking shoes 2: part II

Good day,

I'm finally back. I got my new computer, and it's taken some time to get all my programs installed (not to mention, I've been playing many a game), and only today did I install my camera software.

Well, here are the final pics of the shoes I made. These were made using the leather from the first pair I made, about five years back, and simply modified to fit better.

And on my foot, to show how it fits:

I think the pair is done. I would like to do something on the top to tie it, or something, but haven't figured out the best solution for that.

Till next time,