October 8, 2008

Sword in the stone


I thought it fitting to post this, as it does have something to do with both the Middle Ages and crafts. I made this project in Jewelry/Metals class at Kent State University (quite a fun and useful class, despite my low grade).

October 7, 2008

Splinted greaves: part IV


They're done. Here are some pictures. I don't have to tell you much, because it's all the same as I have been doing.

October 6, 2008

Dutch shoes: part II


These shoes are finally receiving my attention, after more than a month of neglect (school...). Well, I'm nearing completion of one of the pair. I've finished the sole-to-upper seam, and have started the heel stiffener.

Here it is, pre-turned:

And here it is, moist, stuffed with a piece of cloth after turning.

Until next time, then,

October 5, 2008

Lady's belt


This project was swift and secret, as it was a gift for my sister's birthday. I bought the buckle from Thorthor's Hammer, waited about a week, then started working. I cut out the belt based on the width of the buckle (½"), cut out the buckle area, then sewed on the buckle. I then moistened the belt and tooled a simple pattern into it. I dyed it black, and packed it up.

Here are pictures:

Till tomorrow,

October 1, 2008

Saex sheath


This project was made for my friend's birthday (back in early July), but I just finished it. It's leather, dyed with diluted dark brown. Actually, it's the same dye as on my other sheath, just well-diluted.

It's actually more streaky than the picture shows. That picture is actually surprisingly beautiful.

Till next time.