July 29, 2009



This pair of shoes was an interesting project. I made the first shoe months ago, found it didn't fit, and dropped the project. Now, I wanted to finish the pair to sell it, but I had lost the second sole. I had to reconstruct the sole for the second shoe with careful measurements of the first.

Here they are:

Note the decorative stitching. This was based off of examples of herringbone stitch found on extant shoes.

They are currently still for sale, so if you're interested, they are a size 8.5 men's. Email me for more info.

Peter Koby


Axil said...

Very nice work! My uppers always finish folded and and touching the ground, how do you manage to avoid that? I've never got an upper so neatly appart from the sole.

Peter said...

First, you have to make sure the thicknesses are correct. I use 8 oz. and 4-5 oz. for the sole and upper respectively.

Also, make sure that your stitches are flesh/edge on the sole. This may make all the difference.