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I'm Peter Koby.

I started this blog way back in 2008 when I was young and carefree. Heck, I have a beard now. I stopped writing in 2009 after my interest in the Medieval craft world started slipping. I picked it back up in 2013 when craftwork started to distract me from grad school. I don't feel like I have a large consistent viewership that I let down, but people seem to like to look at the pictures.

For a time I sold some of these items, and I hope to be able to do that more again when I have the time and money to invest wholeheartedly in it. As it is now, school takes precedence, whether I'd prefer it that way or not. If I ever have anything to sell, it'll show up in a products page. For now, I'm limiting myself to whatever it is that I'm interested in, whatever I have the time for, and whether I can justify the cost.

Browse, learn, hit me up with questions (medievalcraftsman@gmail.com), and if this site inspires you to try your hand at similar projects, that's all I can hope for. If my site helps you out, I would love to see the results.

Here I am through the years. Please don't laugh.

2006, viking(?)

2007, soldier, c. 1400

2008, viking

2009, based off of the Manesse Codex

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Bruno Ferlin said...

My Congratulations. It is always wonderful to see people like you rescuing forgotten pieces of history.
I used his post on the viking helmet to also manufacture one. I liked very much.
I'm always watching the news.
Sorry my bad english.